Seafood Plateau De Fruits De Mer

Cooking time: 60 minutes - 6 persons


Let us prepare the ultimate seafood dinner for you: the fantastic ‘Plateau Fruit de Mer’. 

This is a classic, low fat and gluten free recipe. This is a firm favourite with our customers, because it is great fun to gather around the platter with your family and friends.  

The platter will look absolutely delightful on your table and it is really convenient, because nearly all the preparation is done beforehand. 

For a completely stress-free dinner al fresco, this seafood platter is a highly recommended option. 

Compliment your platter with extra shellfish and crustaceans to create your own unique style.


1) Place all the ingredients for the stock (3 litres of water, 300ml of white wine, a splash of white wine vinegar, 1 teaspoon of fennel seed and peppercorns, 1 leek coarsely chopped, 1 large carrot coarsely chopped, 1 medium white onion coarsely chopped, 1 stalk of celery coarsely chopped, a handful of parsley stalks, 2 bay leaves) a pan uncovered and simmer for 20 minutes on a low heat. Don’t let it boil or it will get bitter. 

2) While the stock is simmering, start opening the oysters but be careful to take your time and use a tea towel for health and safety reasons. Fold the towel over the oyster, with the flat side of the oyster on top. Insert the tip of the oyster knife in the hinge of the oyster and as soon as you feel it is inside the shell, then twist your knife. Now make a 45 degree angle and cut the topside off.

3) Pour the stock through a strainer and then the stock will be ready to use.

4) The other ingredients need to prepared in the following order:

The cockles need to be cooked in 4 tablespoons of stock and then proceed to cover the pan. They are ready when the shells have opened. Get them out with a skimmer and then allow the cockles to cool down.

The mussels need to be cooked in 4 tablespoons of stock and then proceed to cover the pan. They are ready when the shells have opened. Allow them to cool down.

The whelks need to be cooked for 12-20 minutes covered in the court-bouillon then remove and allow them to cool down.

The langoustines need to be cooked, covered in the stock, for 4-6 minutes.

Prepare the pre-cooked lobster, covered in the stock, until it is lukewarm.

Prepare the pre-cooked crab legs, covered in the stock, until they are lukewarm.

5) Make a shallot vinaigrette by mixing the chopped shallot with the red wine vinegar and then cut the lemons in half.

6) Dress the platter by arranging all the ingredients on a bed of ice.

Serve with finger-bowls (bowls with water and a piece of lemon to rinse your fingers), a bowl with mayonnaise, a bowl of shallot vinaigrette and utensils to eat the shellfish: lobster crackers and picks.


24 oysters

8 langoustines

250 g cooked, unpeeled shrimp

1 shallot, finely chopped

1 l court-bouillon

200 g cockles, cleaned

250 g mussels, cleaned

200 g whelks, cleaned

1 cooked lobster, 500-700 g

500 g cooked crab legs

10 cl red wine vinegar

4 lemons

1 cl mayonnaise